Classes cancelled for Presidents Day

Due to President’s Day

Classes at both
Santa Barbara Athletic Club
Santa Barbara Dance Arts
are cancelled
Monday February 2o, 2o17

Classes resume as normal
Tuesday, February 21, 2o17
Hip Hop ~:~ 6.3o-8.oo pm
Wednesday, February 22, 2o17
NonStop ~:~ 5.3o-6.3o pm

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New Class Schedule for 2o17

New Class Schedule for 2o17
Effective January 23, 2o17

Cardio Hip Hop
7.oo-8.oo pm

Tuesday / Thursday
Hip Hop Sweat
6.3o-8.oo pm

classes cancelled until further notice.

Cardio Core is postponed for now

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No Classes MLK day Monday, January 16, 2o17

All Classes Cancelled

Martin Luther Kings day
Monday • January 16, 2o17

SBAC Hip Hop 4.oo-5.oo pm
SBDA Adv/Stylized Hip Hop 7.oo-8.3o pm

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